Alcohol In The Wine Industry: Wine And Beer In Upscale Grocery Stores

The upscale grocer, well-known for its often-pricey foods and specialty  items is opening bars that serve craft beer and local wine in more than a dozen stores nationally in a test before they open a broader market. In the past 18 months, small bars have opened inside five Whole Foods Markets in California, and two each in Arizona, Illinois and Texas. By 2012, the 305-store chain plans to open at least seven more bars , even one in Hawaii. People are looking for affordable luxuries and more intimate experiences. The move comes as like-minded chains such as Starbucks are slowly introducing beer and wine. Starbucks is testing beer and wine at a few locations in the Seattle area. Bars in Whole Foods stores would be a relatively low cost way to make a lot of money for the grocery stores. Not only will it lure more folks into the store, but it also will likely keep them there longer and boost highly profitable sales of wine and beer. A beer and wine bar on the premises can enhance the entire experience of shopping. The one risk is if the crowd should get rowdy, but that isn’t likely to happen because the chains will protect their  image as a friendly place to shop. Most of the bars are near store wine sections. Some are in a semi-circle and will seat about 20 customers. In these bars the going price for wine or beer by the glass is from $4.00-$10.00.

You may get carded if you don’t look old enough.